Modular Design Explained

Cloud-based TMS is already known for low-cost barrier to entry and ease of deployment. UltraShipTMS takes things one step further by offering a modular design that enables shippers to build solutions perfectly suited to their networks and business needs. Pay for only the features you need and none you don’t!

Industries Served

UltraShipTMS is a best-of-breed solution for high volume shippers with operations across North America. The UltraShipTMS platform is robust and flexible enough to address any and all complex transportation logistics challenges. UltraShipTMS has a well established footprint in the following industries.

Food Shippers

Food Shippers

Extensive experience with the unique business challenges and requirements facing cold-chain shippers. From agriculture and fresh foods, to processors, frozen plants and more, UltraShipTMS is the choice of leading brands in food production and manufacture.

Consumer Product Packaging

Consumer Product Packaging

Metal cans, glass bottles, plastic packaging and more, UltraShipTMS is used by some of the world's largest consumer product packaging manufacturers.



With one of the most effective solutions for inbound logistics and an optimizer named "Transportation Product of the Year", no other TMS solution is better prepared to help retailers execute complex supply chain strategies.

Building Materials Manufacturers

Building Materials Manufacturers

UltraShipTMS serves numerous leading brands in the manufacture and distribution of construction materials such as doors, windows, siding, roofing, lumber products and more.

UltraShipTMS Modules

Engage the UltraShipTMS Core and then add any or all these modules as needed. Each module and the Core itself is highly configurable, ensuring solutions perfectly aligned with any transportation logistics requirements.

LoadFusion Optimizer

A powerful, proprietary optimization engine, this optimizer module provides a sandbox modeler and easy drag-n-drop interface for easy freight and route optimization.

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Driver and equipment dispatching and history, backhaul mgt., driver payroll and more all with telematics integration from this module for managing fleets alongside common carriers.

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Close the visibility gap between TMS and WMS with a Yard Management Solution to keep track of the location of all assets on the yard. BYOD and use existing WiFi and/or 3G cell service.

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Ultra FreightPay

Fully automate settlement with exception management, match pay, allocations & accruals, GL coding and much more. TMS integration ensures robust reporting for BI-driven decision-making.

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Driving Value Beyond the Ordinary TMS

UltraShipTMS drives exceptional value in supply chain management by making logistics IT solutions easy to implement, integrate, scale and maintain.

Experienced Integrators

API-Based Integrations with All Top Tools & Solutions for Supply Chain

  • ERPs - Oracle, SAP, more
  • Telematics - PeopleNet, Omnitracs, more
  • Visibility - FourKites, Macropoint, Orbcomm
  • Rating & BI - SMC3, Tableau, UPS, Breakthrough Fuel, ADP, FedEx, more
  • Miles & Maps - PC Miler, RandMcNally, GoogleMaps and more
Smooth Implementations

Strong Project Management Driving Focused, Effective deployments

  • Experienced, Dedicated Program Managers
  • Proven, Proprietary Methodology
  • Seasoned Development Team
  • Disciplined PMI-Based Project Plans
  • Deeply Collaborative Processes
  • Effective Change Management, Training and Supporting Materials
shipper-only focus

Solutions built specifically for high volume shippers

  • Selective approach to Customer Acquisition
  • Not Serving 3PLs, Brokers or Resellers
  • Built by Transportation Industry Pros not VC Funded Coders
  • Robust Reporting and BI Analytics
  • Strong Focus on Inbound Logistics
  • Integrated Fleet Management Tools


UltraShipTMS has earned the recognition and accolades of industry media, consultants and awards organizations; year after year.


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Upcoming Release Report – Version 5.15

The Upcoming Release Report details all the latest, innovations, new features and expanded functionality scheduled for imminent release in the next upgrade to the UltraShipTMS platform. UltraShipTMS Version 5.15 includes several exciting new features as well as hundreds of new upgrades and improvements. It is expected to be in production…