The UltraShipTMS GLOBE Awards

About the GLOBE Awards

Conferred annually upon honorees selected from the growing base of UltraShipTMS platform users and business partners, GLOBE Awards are given to transportation logistics departments and practitioners who’ve achieved transformative results in their operations using the solutions, tools, strategies and best practices adopted through use of the UltraShipTMS platform.

GLOBE (‘Guaranteeing Logistics Operations Boundless Efficiency’) Awards honor those who push transportation logistics beyond expectations for innovation and success.

Judging is performed by a panel of subject matter experts from a cross-section of functional areas within the UltraShipTMS organization.  The panel contains Implementation/Project Managers, Application Development Resources, Support & Training Leaders and Executive Leadership team members.

Honorees receive a certificate of achievement and an engraved crystal award statuette commemorating their accomplishment.  Their achievement is announced to the industry via a national wire release.

Terms & Conditions – By agreeing to receive this recognition, the recipient organization must participate in publicity which may include press releases to the media, email marketing to UltraShipTMS customers and prospects, posts on UltraShipTMS blogs, website and social media channels.  Recipients must put forth a recipient/spokesperson authorized to provide on-the-record comments for use in these materials.