UltraShipTMS Announces Temperature Tracking in TMS via FourKites

Real-time Tracking of Temperature Levels for Reefer/Freezer Trailers is a Boon for Food Shippers Working to Comply with Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Mandates

February 13, 2018 – Fair Lawn, NJ – Regarded as the premier transportation management system (TMS) solution provider by high volume food shipping organizations, UltraShipTMS once again reinforces its reputation as an innovator in the market. The latest development from UltraShipTMS focuses on enabling temperature controlled shipments to convey up-to-the-minute temperature readings to transportation managers. Temperature readings can be transmitted via UltraShip’s web portals, the UltraShipTMS Carrier Mobile App and also via integration with FourKites.

UltraShipTMS has historically been ahead of the curve when it comes to developing and deploying TMS-based features specifically geared toward supporting food logistics”, said UltraShipTMS president, Nicholas Carretta. “Back in 2010 for example, UltraShipTMS launched the first private and dedicated fleet management functionality embedded in a TMS platform – a game changer for food shippers who often move freight via a private fleet in addition to common carrier movements. We brought this innovation to the market well-ahead of our competitors, many of whom didn’t field similar features until 2016 and 2017. We’re always working to make transportation more efficient and cost effective for food shippers and with our new temperature tracking capability, we’re ahead of the pack again today!” said Carretta.

The newly integrated temperature tracking capability is the product of recent cooperation between UltraShipTMS and FourKites, the leading supply chain visibility platform used by Fortune 500 companies to improve global visibility of shipments of any mode. A six billion dollar US protein producer/processor was an early adopter of the temperature tracking service integrated with their implementation of UltraShipTMS. The company ships thousands of temperature controlled loads around the country every month and are now able to more easily comply with FSMA regulations and reduce transportation costs.

Peter Yost, Sr. Director of Strategic Alliances with FourKites was equally enthusiastic about this significant breakthrough and its implications for improving food safety in the transportation logistics portion of the supply chain. Yost said, “We’re proud to partner with other innovators in the industry like UltraShipTMS to provide unique and powerful solutions. The FourKites tracking service offers shippers with temperature controlled loads the ability to select the best available carriers and receive real time information on location, ETA and temperature. UltraShip’s new version give users access to all of this important information without leaving the TMS, saving time and raising awareness of situations requiring immediate attention.”