New Release Report – Version 5.13

The New Release Report details all the latest, innovations, new features and expanded functionality contained in the latest upgrade to the UltraShipTMS platform.

UltraShipTMS customers are being upgraded to Version 5.13 as of September/October 2017.  UltraShipTMS Version 5.13 included hundreds of improvements.  Here is a breakdown of the more significant improvements it contains.

Carrier Portal

Detention Process Enhancements

  • Enhancements to the features and workflow for carrier detention request, approval and tracking through the carrier portal


Driver Dispatching Enhancements

  • Functionality to manage driver scheduling for sick days, vacation days, and holidays within the TMS.  enhanced driver scheduling capabilities include the ability to schedule time off in advance for fleet drivers

Driver Scheduling for Scheduled PTO (Paid Time Off)

  • For private fleets, a calendar is available showing drivers’ availability
  • The calendar indicates if a driver is available for assignment; when a driver is off for medical, suspension, paid time off, etc
  • If a driver is assigned to an active shipment during the time he/she is scheduled for PTO, the transportation user receives an alert advising that the driver is off-duty
  • Alerts should users attempt to assign a driver to a trip if driver is already assigned to a different shipment

Freight Audit and Payment

Freight Audit usability improvements

  • Due Date, Ship Date, and Delivery Date for new invoices are pre-populated fields

Log, Audit and Report on ‘Tolerances and Allowances’

  • Creates a log of all changes to values governing ‘Tolerance and Allowances’
  • A system generated report will be created at the end of the business day

Other Freight Audit & Payment feature enhancements:

  • Driver Scheduling for Scheduled Time Off
  • Log, Audit and Report on Tolerances and Allowances
  • Freight Audit Optimizations – Browse and Export
  • Freight Audit -> Carrier Authorization Enhancements


Carrier EDI Automation

  • Improves carrier integration speed using EDI Automation for Carrier Testing

JSON & XML integration

  • The TMS now integrates with ERP platforms via an XML protocol for orders and shipments

Paycor Integration

  • Integration with Paycor (a time and attendance module) to retrieve hours worked for a specific trip and cumulative hours for the week including the last payroll “punch” (Requires UltraFleet Module)

LoadFusion Optimizer

Optimization In-Progress Enhancements

  • ‘Browse Orders’ page now provides buttons to:
    • Replace Queue
    • Add to Queue
    • Remove Selected from Queue
    • Remove All from Queue

Unlock Orders Permission

  • Allows permitted users to unlock orders that were locked by other users

Other new feature enhancements

  • Re-run optimization capability
  • Download errors/Export to .csv

Location Management

Location Manager shows EDI capability

  • EDI capabilities on the ‘Location Management’ page indicate which transaction sets have been setup/integrated for each carrier

Location Manager to show Smartway

  • Shippers can flag carriers as Smartway Carriers. When flagged, a carrier will display a green leaf icon next to their name.

Additionally, the Smartway carrier filter has been added to the following reports:

  • On-Time Performance
  • Check Call Compliance
  • Check Call Review
  • Shipment Cost Details
  • Breakthrough Fuel
  • Carrier Invoice
  • Miles
  • Check Call Timeliness
  • Shipment Count
  • Benchmark Rating

Rate Management

Rate Expiration on ‘Rate Management’ page

  • Improve rate expiration functionality for ‘Rate Management’ page by means of mass expiration option


Filter Reports by Shipment or Delivery number

  • Filter reports for specific shipment numbers

Schedule Reports for Carrier Role

  • Allows administrators to more easily schedule automated reports that are sent to carriers

Location Group filtering of reports
Approved and rejected transactions reports


Spot Bids Billed to Customer

  • Spot bids can now be flagged as billable to shipper’s customer. The flag is visible on the ‘Shipment Details’ screen and reports can be filtered by this flag.


Award Spot Bid from Browse Page

  • Use Browse Date Search
  • Enter Orders > Make Mandatory Fields Red Prior to Save
  • Add Button for Today and Tomorrow
  • Award Spot Bid from Browse Page
  • UI to manage Sector in Tendering Rules
  • Review and award spot bids directly from the ‘Browse’ page

Shipment Details

  • Bottom Link on Shipment Details
  • Show All Comments Button

Other Miscellaneous Enhancements/Improvements

Automated On-Time Status

  • Status field helps users easily identify shipments experiencing delays or in jeopardy of being late. Report can be filtered by On-Time status to show any loads that are delayed.

Spot Bid Email Notification Enhancements

  • Emails for spot bids offered, accepted, tendered, and revoked are sent to the intended parties after each status

Mobile Check Call App – Driver Login
Rate Management – Rate Expiration on ‘Rate Management’ page


Want more information?

Stay tuned for the imminent release of Version 5.13 scheduled for September 12.