New Release Report – Version 5.11

The New Release Report details all the latest, innovations, new features and expanded functionality contained in the latest upgrade to the UltraShipTMS platform.

All UltraShipTMS customers were upgraded to Version 5.11 as of July 2017.  UltraShipTMS Version 5.11 included hundreds of improvements.  Here is a breakdown of the more significant improvements it contains.

Freight Payment & Audit Module

  • Enhancements to business rules
  • Improved refund capability
  • Tighter control over invoices

Reporting Suite

  • Upgraded eDash graphs and charts – “at-a-glance review of linehaul, mileage, mode, number of shipments by tender type and more
  • Updated eDash date filters
  • Check call compliance report update
  • New and updated report tool tips with more detailed descriptions and field by field explanations
  • Updated on-time performance reports with carrier compliance indication
  • Added role filter and location grouping to carrier reports
  • Expanded date filter options
  • Update to variance column on details page of spot quote performance report

Advanced Scheduling Module

  • Expanded the TMS scheduling options to provide multiple levels of configurations
  • New Home Base Buckets
  • New icons for shipments requiring scheduling, appointment windows
  • New reports including On Time to Appointment, On Time to Original Request

User Interface Upgrades

  • Improved formatting to recognize Carton and Pieces as a numbers when export in Excel/PDF
  • New series of filters on the browse page that mirrors the Home Base Filters
  • Ability to Filter Loads on Browse Page by Service Type and requested Service Type
  • Improved page titles for easier navigation when multiple tabs are opened in a single browser window


Want more information? 

Stay tuned for the imminent release of Version 5.13 scheduled for September 12.