New Features for Cloud Based TMS and Transportation Optimizer

UltraShipTMS and LoadFusion Optimizer Release New Features for the Award Winning Transportation Management Software Suite

January 18, 2014 – Fair Lawn, NJ – UltraShipTMS, provider of cloud based TMS software to leading enterprise organizations has released several exciting new feature updates to its award winning platform just in time for the New Year.  The new features deliver additional value and ease-of-use to the UltraShipTMS platform, which has been earning widespread critical acclaim for being among the most robust and effective solutions in the market. 

For Ultra’s cloud based TMS solution, the eponymous UltraShipTMS, engineers rolled out a brand new e-Dash or executive dashboard feature.  An improvement over the existing dashboard features, the new e-Dash offers a single screen dashboard for transportation executives to monitor the health of their network in real-time. The e-dash includes sections for spot quote activity, EDI compliance, check call compliance & timeliness, on time delivery performance and tender acceptance, and can be configured to match customers’ specific reporting requirements. Executives can choose to view data from a variety of time frames spanning the current day to the previous month, and can jump from the dashboard directly into detailed reports with-drill down capabilities in a single click.

Darren Graham, Ultra’s Director of IT explained that while all of the data included in the e-Dash was previously available in separate reports within UltraShipTMS, the new dashboard becomes the home page for executives and managers and the format puts an abundance of actionable data at their fingertips every time they log into the system.  “By putting this data in front of the user every time they log in without requiring them to run any reports it increases the likelihood that data will be used to benefit the enterprise,” Graham said.

For Ultra’s widely praised LoadFusion Optimizer, engineers have added the ability to manage shipping terminals which are now clearly indicated on the route maps.  Additionally, the new feature provides visibility into the specific resources (drivers and equipment) which are available per terminal.  This makes the LoadFusion Optimizer even more useful for shippers managing private fleets where each driver often has a unique set of licenses and/or HOS rules and where each truck may have different properties such as capacity.  Two new visualization maps are now available, containing detailed views of each driver shift including all the planned stops and tractor schedules.

The software can now determine the terminal best suited to serve each route and then calculate driver shifts, starts and returns to designated terminals, completing as many routes as possible within DOT or union regulations. These features further extend the private fleet management capabilities of LoadFusion, and with the private fleet capabilities in UltraShipTMS combine to create a comprehensive solution to manage logistics networks comprised of a mix of Private and Dedicated fleets as well as common carriers to a degree our competition does not offer.

Ultra president, Nicholas Carretta said new features are developed to address needs conveyed by the UltraShipTMS client base.  Carretta stressed his company’s sensitivity to client needs saying, “New features such as these are developed in direct response to customer feedback and reflect Ultra’s commitment to listening to the voice of the customer.”


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