The UltraShipTMS GLOBE Awards

About the GLOBE Awards

The UltraShipTMS GLOBE Awards are conferred annually upon honorees selected from the growing base of UltraShipTMS transportation logistics management solutions users and associated business partners.  GLOBE Award recognition is given to transportation logistics departments and in some cases individual practitioners who achieve transformative results in their operations using any or all of the solutions, strategies and best practices they adopt through their use and utilization of the UltraShipTMS platform.

GLOBE is an acronym for Guaranteeing Logistics Operations Boundless Efficiency.   This annual award campaign honors those UltraShipTMS user organizations and associates pushing transportation logistics functions beyond expectations for efficiency, innovation, efficacy and success.

GLOBE Award judging is performed by a panel of subject matter experts from a cross section of functional areas within the UltraShipTMS organization.  The panel contains Implementation Managers, Application Development Resources, Support & Training Leadership and Executive Leadership team members.

Honorees receive a certificate of achievement and an engraved crystal award statuette commemorating their accomplishment.  Their achievement is announced to the industry via a national wire release.

The Categories for the 2018 UltraShipTMS GLOBE Awards

  • Logistics Management Leadership Award
  • New Customer Implementation of the Year
  • TMS Innovation Award
  • Business Partner of the Year Award

The Criteria for the 2018 UltraShipTMS GLOBE Awards

Logistics Management Leadership GLOBE Award |This recognition honors transportation logistics department management demonstrating exceptional ability in the utilization of TMS automation resulting in superior results.  Logistics Management Leadership Award winners are characterized by their embrace of the technology and underlying best practices delivered by their UltraShipTMS implementation and the extent to which they’ve succeeded in deriving significant benefits in terms of process efficiency advances, improved labor utilization and transportation spend management improvement.

New Customer Implementation of the Year GLOBE Award |This award celebrates a new customer (a customer with a new TMS implementation that has occurred within the trailing 12 months) demonstrating the highest levels of success and user/program adoption and the lowest levels of friction and disruption during the implementation process.   Customer Implementation of the Year Award winners are characterized by high levels of program adoption and user satisfaction within 6 months of deployment.

TMS Innovation GLOBE Award | This award is bestowed upon the customer program demonstrating the most pioneering, inventive, imaginative or resourceful application of the UltraShipTMS platform and associated services to the ultimate benefit of their transportation logistics function.  TMS Innovation Award recipients are characterized by their high levels of collaborative activity with UltraShipTMS resources in new pursuit of new functionality development, process improvement strategies and overall input/impact on Ultra’s product development direction.

Business Partner of the Year | Recognition in this category is bestowed upon the agent, consultant or re-seller demonstrating the highest levels of advocacy for the UltraShipTMS platform among their contacts seeking to engage logistics IT solutions.  These persons or organizations have invested the significant time and effort required to become highly knowledgeable about the UltraShipTMS platform, its features, functionality and the value proposition it offers to shipping organizations in UltraShip’s target market.

Terms & Conditions – By agreeing to receive this recognition, the recipient organization must participate in publicity which may include press releases to the media, email marketing to UltraShipTMS customers and prospects, posts on UltraShipTMS blogs, website and social media channels.  Recipients must put forth a recipient/spokesperson authorized to provide on-the-record comments for use in these materials.