New Release Report – Version 5.14

The New Release Report details all the latest, innovations, new features and expanded functionality contained in the latest upgrade to the UltraShipTMS platform.

UltraShipTMS customers are being upgraded to Version 5.14 as of December 2017/January 2018.  UltraShipTMS Version 5.14 included hundreds of improvements.  Here is a breakdown of the more significant improvements it contains.


Manage Financial Line Items

New Administration screen Manage Line Items has been created to allow Implementation Managers to manage financial line items via UI.


Backhaul Linking Process

Enhancements to the Backhaul/Return stop linking process.

Freight Audit and Payment

Carrier Charges Authorization : Improvements

Improvements to the carrier detention request process including: A report for the Carriers to request status, Comments reviewing carrier charges, Super user ability to reverse approval or rejection prior to processing, updated filters on the ‘Payment Processing’ page.

Freight Audit Optimizations – Browse and Export

Speed and performance improvements to the Browse and Export capabilities on the ‘Freight Audit Browse’ Page.

Payment Processing: Payment Processing to work along freight audit

Updated allows TMS to process payments either through Freight Audit or Payment Processing.  Previously system settings would allow only workflow for carrier settlement.

Search by Manifest Number on Freight Audit

Users can now search by manifest number on ‘Review Invoices’ page.


Route & Sequence in 850 (Static Routes)

Enhanced workflow for sending Static Routes from ERP to TMS.

FourKites Integration

UltraShipTMS now integrated with FourKites for automated, real-time tracking. Please contact your account manager for information on how to setup a FourKites account.

Load Fusion Optimizer

Download Errors / Export to CSV

Users can now download the error log from their last optimization run as a text or Excel file.

Re-run Optimization

Users are now able to re-run the same orders through the optimizer with a different (or the same profile) directly from the ‘Routes’ page.

Location Management

Collapsible On-Location Latitude and Longitude

Further refines stop-sequence logic when adding orders; if an order’s destination has the same lat/long as an existing stop, an additional stop is not added.

Updated Fields and Headers on Manage Locations

Features that are included in the Advanced Scheduling Module are now in their own section of the ‘Location Management’ page.

Location Clean-Up Process Enhancements

Several enhancements have been made to the location Alerts including:

  • Hyperlinks to the location creating the alert.
  • Alerts are limited to shipping points only (Carrier locations, Bill-To Only, Headquarters, Maintenance will no longer generate alerts)

Location Manager

  • Additional column added to the ‘Location Manager’ page for alerts.
  • New Alert or Flag notification capability may be applied to a location when ‘Location Clean Up’ script finds any errors.
  • New filter allows users to filter by, (or filter out) locations with error alerts (All, Errors Only, No Errors)

‘Location Details’ Page

New button launches a Google or Bing search for the Location Address, City, and State.

Location Alert Email

  • Includes Customer and Environment information to the email subject and body for easy identification of the environment generating the emails
  • Filters out locations that cannot be used for an origin or destination, such as Carriers, Bill-To Only, Headquarters, Maintenance, etc.

Mobile Check Call App

Mobile App Enhancements (Trailer #, OSS, Login)

Various enhancements to the Mobile app to allow for:

– Driver login
                 – Check calling out-of-sequence stops
                 – Driver entry of trailer number
                 – Display of last stop

Other Enhancements & Upgrade

Background Job On-Premise Time Calculation

This process runs in the background to reads the actual check calls made at the stop location and determine the average on-premise time at a location. Default Job/process is scheduled to run nightly as a default setting.  An optional export file can be generated with an export of the locations and their average on-premise times.

Re-Align Fields from LoadFusion to TMS

Data Mapping from LoadFusion Optimizer to TMS CORE has been updated.

Rate Management

Direct Cost Enhancements

New column added to ‘Orders Browse’ page (sales orders) for Direct Cost
A ‘last updated’ field added to ‘Opt Order Direct Cost’ page so users can determine the date direct cost was calculated.
New logging of direct cost attempts and reason(s) for failure.

Search and HistoryNew page allows users to search through all direct costs and provides link from the order directly to the new screen

Reprocess Direct CostNew process enables user to select a batch of orders and direct cost them



Carrier Scorecard (Core – RPT)

The scorecard provides key metrics on carriers’ performance in several areas such as Tendering, On-Time, and EDI. It also provides current Carrier Assurance data points.

Executive Dashboard

New Executive Dashboard is now available to HQ users.

Metrics – Charts – Default the Dates to 12 Months

The default date filter on the Charts Dashboard is now set to 1 year.

On Time Status Dashboard

On Time Dashboard summarized the Stop Status of all open shipments on a single page.  On time dash board is available to Super Users only.
Renames ‘Core Report’ and disables outdated reports

Reporting: Dynamic Columns Manager

New Column Manager allows Implementation Managers to customize the Summary and Details pages for certain reports


Advanced Scheduling

Bay Schedule Enhancements

Bay Scheduling UI upgrade.  The Bay Scheduling Module now summaries the shipments by date and displays the total appointed and un-appointed shipments for each day.  Users can also click on the date headers to easily change the search filters.

Insufficient Transit Time & Label Change

In the Appointment Scheduling Module on the ‘Shipment Details’ screen an alert is triggered if any appointments set where there is insufficient transit time between two appointments.  Additionally, ETA to the next stop is automatically calculated and displayed in the Appointment Scheduling Module when an appointment is set for the previous stop.

System Administration

Configuration Management View Only

Access to the ‘Configuration Management’ page is now controlled by a capability.

Background Processes – View-Only Version

A view-only version of the ‘Background Processes’ page is now available to users with the background processes capability.

Flat File Report: Add Manual Uploaded Shipment and Order Files

The flat file interface now displays manually uploaded shipments and orders.

Reports Maintenance Screen

New ‘Report Maintenance’ screen for implementation managers.


Third-party rates removed from auto-tendering

Third-party carriers no longer able to auto tender unless required mode is ‘third-party’, in which case the third-party carrier will be permitted to Tender



Tabs for Home Base

‘Home Base’ menu item now has several sub menu items including Charts Dashboard, Executive Dashboard, On Time Status Dashboard and Tendering Dashboard.


Menu Updates – Tools and Manage Data

Menus under ‘Tools’ and ‘Manage Data’ tabs have been re-organized for greater efficiency

Region Code on the Browse Orders Page

‘Browse Order’ page now allowing users to search/filter by region code.

Tendering Dashboard Updates (eDash)

“The page has been renamed for Tendering Dashboard. The tabs are in following orders; Tendering Acceptance, Spot Quote Activity, On Time Delivery, Check Call Compliance, Check Call Timeliness, EDI Errors”