Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Guarantee

Because “Free TMS” Isn’t Really Free


Professional Services Included in Subscription Pricing for EVERY Program

  • Dedicated Implementation Team
  • Weekly business review calls to keep tasks on track
  • Access to Transportation Logistics Experts to Guide Best Practices for TMS Use
  • Guidance on Reporting and Analytics to Leverage System Data
  • Administrative Support for vendor onboarding, user permissions, and other configuration tasks
    Estimated Annual Value: $20,000

Dedicated US-Based Phone Support Included in Subscription Pricing for EVERY Program

  • No Chat Windows or Offshore Call Centers
  • Dedicated Support Representatives You’ll Know by Name

  Estimated Annual Value: $12,000


No Cost Implementation

We’re so confident in our integration and implementation methodology we’ll absorb the cost to the customer.

Estimated Average Value: $80,000

No Pay ‘til You’re On Your Way

UltraShipTMS won’t send you the first monthly invoice for your subscription until your TMS has gone live.

Estimated Average Value: $6000 to $18,000

Total Year-One Savings: $130,000

Ask your other prospective solution providers about the cost and nature of services like those above. We think you’ll find that their pricing only seems low until one realizes how much they’ll charge to ensure smooth implementation, user training & support, professional services and guidance informed by deep industry expertise.  In the end, a successful, broadly adopted TMS solution will yield far greater savings and operational efficiency over the years than one left to the customer to deploy and administer. UltraShipTMS is committed to honesty in assessing costs and returns on investment.  That is why the lowest total cost of ownership is guaranteed when you use our solution.

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