Fable of the Ant and Cicada Applied to Shippers and TMS Planning

We’re no market gurus, but we do know transportation logistics and good, old fashioned common sense.  Here’s our take on the state of the global economy and why a tried and true piece of commonsense lore suggests now is the time to move on implementing a new TMS and associated logistics IT solutions.

First the commonsense lore.  Remember the tale of the ant and the cicada?  All summer long while food was a’plenty, the ant toiled away, stockpiling food for the inevitable return of winter and lean times.  Meanwhile, the cicada sat in the tree singing and dancing without a care for the future.  When winter arrived, the cicada, cold and starving, begs the ant for food only to be scolded by the ant for having wasted the opportunity to prepare for lean times.

Now the market commentary.  By many measures the US economy is in great shape but there are storm clouds on the horizon and winter is coming!  Consider these warning signals:

  • Historically long bull market at or near its cyclical end historically speaking
  • Global equities markets selling off significantly over the last few weeks
  • Trump trade wars potentially destabilize existing economic balance driving inflation
  • Uncertainty surrounding Saudi Arabia and Iran push oil back toward $100/barrel
  • Volatility Index spiking

As noted, we’re not in the business of issuing predictions and it is true that the bull could continue to run.  Yet, market cycles are remarkably consistent and without question, eventually, recession and lean times will return.  Sadly, nobody ever seems to see a market collapse until it is too late.  There’s still time to be like the ant and prepare for the coming winter with some prudent TMS planning.

Lastly and most importantly, the transportation and logistics expertise.  After nearly 18 years selling cloud-based TMS software, UltraShipTMS knows that getting capital approval for new enterprise software implementation is much easier to do when an organization is doing brisk business.  Ironically, many organizations fail to take this critical step towards planning for leaner times in during the “good” times because they’re so busy handling solid business volume.

As experts in the logistics IT space including smart TMS planning, we’ve been urging any shippers still managing their transportation logistics using excel and a telephone, legacy AS400 “green screen” systems or even those already using a TMS solution (but not getting the results they’d expected) to act now and get the process under way while the rosy economic environment remains.

Unlike the ant in the proverbial fable, we’re being magnanimous to those who may have been singing and dancing during the last 9 years of the bull market instead of planning for inevitable winter.  We’re offering to waive implementation fees for any new customer who commits to signing a subscription agreement before January 31, 2019 (a savings of as much as $100,000.00).  This should make it even easier to be like the ant while still enjoying life like the cicada.