Upcoming Release Report | Version 5.15

The Upcoming Release Report details all the latest, innovations, new features and expanded functionality scheduled for imminent release in the next upgrade to the UltraShipTMS platform.

UltraShipTMS Version 5.15 includes several exciting new features as well as hundreds of new upgrades and improvements. It is expected to be in production by June 26, 2018. Here is a breakdown of the more significant improvements it contains by module effected.

Freight Payment and Audit

Detention Document Upload

Carriers now have the ability to upload detention documents directly into TMS to speed up their invoicing process to get paid quicker.

A/P vs. Invoice Totals Report

Finance users have a new report to validate the Accounts Payable file against invoiced totals to ensure better data integrity.

Advanced Scheduling Module

“Create Stop” Scheduled Emails and Updated Email Templates

To enhance the new scheduling features the automated email system has been extended to track when an appointment has been logged for each stop including differentiation between new appointments and reschedules to notify specific parties of the shipment such as the tendered carrier.

Insufficient Transit Time & Label Change

When insufficient transit time is recognized between two appointments, the Shipment Details screen will display an alert to anyone that can view the shipment . ETA to next stop is automatically calculated and displayed in Advanced Scheduling module when an appointment is set up for the previous stop.

Rate Management (in TMS CORE)

Rate Lookup from Freight Quote and Tender List a shortcut enabling permissioned logistics users to easily access rate information on demand

Rate Management Quick Filters Upgraded enhancement to the “rate management” screen that delivers statistical information on rates selected for review

Shipment Details (in TMS CORE)

High Value Shipments alerts and flags for shipments that exceed the system setting for high value

LoadFusion Optimizer

Soft Warnings for Date Changes

Date changes that produce potential conflicts or exceptions now trigger soft warnings alerting users to possible issues. These warnings may be dismissed without being acted upon

Download Errors/Export to .CSV

Users provided ability to download the error log from the previous optimization run as a text or Excel file

General User Interface/Usability Upgrades

Update Check Call Pop-Up Form – Supports easier, more efficient input of status update information directly in the shipment details screen so user need not navigate away from their current location within the workflow

“Tools” Menu and “Manage Data” Menu Updates

Reorganizes the menus under Tools & Manage Data for easier operability

Region Code added to “Browse Orders” Page

“Browse Orders” page now enables users to search or filter by Region Code

Spot Quote Award Popup

Shipment number and trip number are now both displayed when a spot quote is awarded from the “Browse Shipments” page

Shipment Details (Delivery Section) Format Updated – For easier readability of columns in delivery details

Shipment/Order Importer Functionality Streamlined

“What’s New” Popup Notifications – Upon login, a simple popup notification window delivering latest news and information relevant to UltraShipTMS,

Magnifying Glass lookup feature – Improvement to search functionality providing advanced filtering via “lookup fields” to reduce the time spent seeking individual data elements

Other Upgraded Features

Update to Fields and Headers on “Manage Locations” screen

Features included in Advanced Scheduling Module now available in a discrete section of the “Location Management” page


New functionality supporting charge backs to any third parties

Online Help & Documentation

The “Help” button in the application footer now links to a searchable help site

Re-align Fields

Data mapping from Optimizer to TMS has been updated