TMS Platforms Neutralize Seven of 2016’s Top 10 Trucking Industry Issues

The Spring/Summer issue of Food Shippers of America magazine has hit the stands with a feature article on the Trucking Industry’s Top 10 industry issues for 2016.  Seven in ten of the issues on the list can be addressed and overcome through the use of a good logistics IT solution.  We recommend reading the article online here (while you’re there, see our ad on the inside cover) and then read on to learn how TMS platforms can overcome 70% of 2016’s top trucking issues.

Issue #1 | Hours of Service
Nearly three years ago, when today’s HOS rules had yet to be implemented, the Supply Chain Collaborator blog looked at some of the ways a logistics IT platform would be useful in mitigating the impact of the proposed new rules.  Those shippers with the right software tools in place back in 2013 were urged to run the past year’s volume reports through their optimizer tools. Using that data, they were able to model hypothetical load and lane corrections. Once the rules went into effect, these shippers were prepared with actionable plans. Today, savvy shippers rely more than ever on the data collected by their TMS, optimizers and YMS solutions to capture the scheduling efficiencies that translate into more effective usage of driver hours.

Issue #2 | CSA
CSA monitoring and carrier performance scoring are standard features in today’s top TMS tools.  It’s no surprise that managing CSA without a technology to help is an issue for shippers.  For those with a TMS, it is a much easier proposition.

Issues #3 & # 4 | Driver Shortage & Driver Retention
Last Autumn, Ultra president, Nicholas Carretta was interviewed in a live webcast by Talking Logistics’ Adrian Gonzalez on how TMS aids in mitigating driver shortage and retention issues.  Watch the video here.

Issue # 5 | Truck Parking
UltraShipTMS was featured on BlogTalkRadio’s ‘Truth About Trucking’ radio program with host Allen Smith on how logistics IT solutions could be leveraged to address this vexing problem.  In a post here at the Collaborator around the same time, we mused on how a yard actively managed with YMS software may provide managers with a clear inventory of available spaces which could be used to allow truckers to dwell as they wait – sometimes for hours – for loading or unloading.   Extra yard space for those with ample lots could be effectively allocated to truckers for overnight parking without interrupting operations.

Issue #6 | ELD Mandate
Fleet managers have been willing, and (often) early adopters of technology for transportation management. Fleet management tools, dock scheduling applications, in-cab telematics; these are all technologies embraced by fleets with commendable results.  Those embracing technology are not suffering under this new mandate.

Issue # 8 | Economy
While no logistics IT solution can influence the direction of the economy, a good solution is designed to help users scale up and down quickly and effortlessly in response to market conditions.  Failure to do so results in poor cost efficiency in transportation.

The remaining three issues – Driver Health/Wellness, Infrastructure/Transportation Funding and Driver Distraction are as yet, beyond the capacity of Logistics software to overcome.  But, you can rest assured the brilliant development minds at leading TMS providers are working diligently on it!

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