UltraShipTMS Chosen by Leading Small Town Retailer, Stage Stores

Challenges Supporting the Inbound Logistics to 850 Department Stores Prompted Selection of UltraShipTMS

Monday, March 2, 2015 – Fair Lawn, NJUltraShipTMS announces the latest addition to its growing roster of valued client companies – America’s leading small town retailer, Stage Stores.  The Houston, Texas based retailer operates 850 department stores across 40 states under the Bealls, Goody’s Palais Royal, Peebles and Stage brands.  The challenges of managing the inbound logistics of thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers prompted Stage Stores’ supply chain managers to seek and engage a transportation management system (TMS) solution and freight/route optimization tool to help improve efficiency and reduce the costs associated with shipping across multiple modes of transportation.

Once fully implemented, UltraShipTMS drive will improve visibility into Stage Stores’ inbound shipments as they make their way to the company’s distribution centers.  The cloud-based TMS solution will provide real-time status updates on estimated delivery dates, and robust reporting designed to improve mode mix and route/lane costs. Online vendor portals will allow greater collaboration and visibility for suppliers of Stage Stores. The financial processing and reporting features of UltraShipTMS will drive spend visibility and auditability by improving control over month-end accounting, fuel surcharges, assessorial charges, etc.

Stage Stores also engaged Ultra’s LoadFusion Optimizer to improve load optimization, identify optimal routing and improve dock scheduling, ensuring the most efficient dock door utilization.   Grubbs reports the TMS solution is expected to go live in Q2 2015.

UltraShipTMS President, Nicholas Carretta was enthusiastic about the latest new client saying, “We’re very pleased to add Stage Stores to our client roster.  Inbound logistics is a specialty for UltraShipTMS and we can’t wait to impress Stage Stores’ supply chain management professionals with the amazing product and service we’ll be delivering.”

Stage Stores’ Senior Vice President of Distribution and Logistics, Gough Grubbs said, “As part of planning for growth in 2015, Stage Stores went to market to seek the latest and greatest in supply chain management technology.  UltraShipTMS was selected not only for its technical excellence with a tool set recognized as among the most robust in the market.  We also liked the fact that Ultra resolves to treat Stage Stores as a key customer regardless of how we size up against some of their other clients.  Their reputation for exceptional service was a big factor in our decision-making process.”

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