Transportation Optimization Software Hacked to Boost Halloween Haul

The children of the professionals behind the award winning LoadFusion Transportation Optimization Software slipped into the product development lab at UltraShipTMS headquarters and appropriated the powerful algorithm that earned “transportation product of the year” notoriety earlier this year. Following in the footsteps of their innovative fathers and mothers, the kids have configured the tool to suit their own logistics requirements. Specifically, they set up an implementation with the goal of optimizing their movements on Halloween night.

Darren Graham’s kids fed in the data they gathered about which neighborhood houses historically distribute the best candy. Shannon Potter’s boy uploaded the neighborhood maps and geocoding co-ordinates, paying special attention to traffic patterns. Anthony Vitiello’s son entered in the respective delivery windows (curfews) stipulated by all the kids’ parents. With maniacal dreams of piles of candy powering their audacious and unauthorized implementation, the little “supply chainiacs” gleefully ran the optimization sequence. At the end of the 60 second optimization process, the kids took possession of a clear plan for getting to the houses with the best candy, using the shortest, safest routes with the least amount of traffic. Using the simple drag and drop interface, they were able to make last minute tweaks to their trick-or-treat plan when late breaking data revealed that the Miller house was handing out King Size peanut butter cups. One last quick optimization and the routing ensured the kids would be home with an hour to spare before curfew.

All kidding aside, it is interesting to ponder where optimization technology like LoadFusion will ultimately be applied. While LoadFusion is at the cutting edge of transportation and supply chain management technology today, we like to engage in speculation about how it could be usefully applied outside of trucking/transportation. Just like telematics systems – a technology developed by the transportation industry – optimization tools will ultimately become integrated into everyday items in the near future. Consider that telematics systems like those used by private truck fleet managers are now finding their way into other areas such as construction equipment tracking, rental car fleets, retail delivery systems and other areas. In another example, a recent post here at the Collaborator examined how weather data and other Big Data pools could be incorporated into transportation planning and optimization.

The little trick-or-treat hackers referenced above will inherit a world where these kinds of technologies have become fully integrated into everyday life. Happy Halloween from all of us here at the Ultra Supply Chain Collaborator blog!


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