New Features Released for Award Winning Transportation Optimizer

LoadFusion has released an update, adding new features and functionality designed to perform automated consolidation of freight and delivery routes.

Fair Lawn, NJ – October 10, 2013

LoadFusion, the Stevie Awards’ 2013 Best Transportation Product, has released a product update bringing numerous exciting new features to the LoadFusion Transportation Optimizer. The tool is used by large volume shippers to maximize efficiency in the loading and delivery of freight in the US and Canada, saves transportation departments considerable time and money. The latest spate of improvements to the solution includes a host of new functionality designed to accommodate users of private and/or dedicated fleets for shipping.

New features for the current release include:

  • An innovative location manager using a visual representation of receiving hours at each delivery location, helping load planners quickly and easily see if optimized load plans align with warehouses’ operating hours
  • New “Team of Driver” routing algorithms in response to recent limitations on drive time stemming from recent HOS rules changes
  • Enhanced support for Canadian addresses and shipping rules
  • Improved UI including the ability to automatically re-sequence stops, undo/revert changes, delete orders and filter by state/region
  • Robust calculations for computing, costing and reducing empty miles
  • Addition of a “consolidation page” allowing users to visually group and modify orders by location and date, prior to optimizing
  • Greatly enhanced optimization speed and caching improvements to reduce page load times
  • Advanced constraints search allowing users to quickly find the desired constraints when editing optimization profiles
  • Improved LTL rating features with connectivity to 3rd party rating engines

New features specific to private/dedicated fleet optimization include:

  • New “fleet schedule” functionality for visualizing the optimal list of shipments for each truck
  • Driver scheduling module with ability to modify drive time, on-duty time, break times, hours of service and other non-drive time related constraints to meet the needs of each customer’s unique driver schedules
  • Visualize driver shift scheduling with a new shift visualizer

UltraShipTMS president, Nicholas Carretta said, “We were honored to earn Transportation Product of the Year accolades before making these exciting upgrades to our solution. We’re certain the market will agree, there is no better commercially available tool for transportation optimization than LoadFusion.” Carretta reports that several Fortune 500 companies are in late stages of contract negotiation to implement the LoadFusion Optimizer.


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